Monday, June 16, 2014

Obama - the thinking person's W.

OK, this includes women.  The rhythm is better

The guy's an idiot. He is a very charming idiot, in the way that W. was charming if you're a certain sort of frat boy or a member of the Houston chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution.  In Obama's case, he's charming if you happen to think you have a certain sort of education or can speak in a certain sort of way.  In other words,W.

He'll say anything in an intelligent and charming sort of way.  He'll make the case for military intervention in Iraq, charmingly, even though it's obvious to everybody in the world, other than those inside the Washington Bubble, that further American military intervention has as much legitimacy as the original intervention, which is to say, none.

He will charmingly ignore the ghastly humanitarian damage to Iraq's population caused by Americans and their minions in the last decade, even as he frolics with Bo on the White House lawn and tries to prosecute Ed Snowden.  Actually, he's not charming in this particular case, he's repugnant.

He will charmingly reassure the world that bugging Angela Merkel's cell phone in in everybody's best interests, even if he didn't know about it, and everybody does it anyway.

He will not so charmingly make the case for fucking up the Ukraine, as a product placement for NATO.

He will equally make the case not so charmingly that bombing Syria is a humanitarian gesture, even though such bombing would have accelerated the humanitarian disaster in Syria that is now spreading to Iraq and that now requires his charming intervention because he's such a great guy.

I guess he was better than 8 years of McCain.