Monday, March 30, 2009

"Washington has considered backing Canadian Defence Minister Peter MacKay,

and the U.S. official who spoke on Monday repeated Washington's position that nationality should not be a bar to anyone taking up the position."
The problem is, Peter Mackay is the son of Elmer Mackay, a bagman for Brian Mulroney, a former Prime Minister of Canada, who famously sang "Irish eyes Are Smiling" at a cheesy-beond-belief meeting with Ronald Reagan in Canada, Mulroney now being investigated by a Canadian judicial inquiry, the substance of which includes a deal with Thyssen Industries in Germany to found an armoured car plant in Nova Scotia, which is the political base for Elmer Mackay, and now Peter Mackay his son, Peter having served for six months with Thyssen in an unspecified job in Germany.

Still with me, people? And now, this guy, Peter Mackay, is being proposed as a Secretary General for NATO? In a way, it makes sense. NATO gets the candidates it deserves.

And in fact, Peter is the perfect bridge to Neddie Seagoon, Twelfth Secretary General.