Sunday, May 31, 2009

"UN wants 'flood of drugs' in Afghanistan to devalue opium"

I thought I'd hallucinated this story, but clearly not.

So, we're gonna flood Afghanistan with cheap opium, and everyone will be too wasted to give sanctuary to terrorists? This is the United Nations that has this plan? Did the alleged government of Afghanistan have anything to say about it? And exactly how is the Afghan border going to be sealed to prevent the continuing sale of opium to NATO?

Has our alleged Foreign Minister, Larry (the Loose) Cannon signed off on this?

Or, how about our alleged Minister for National Defence, Peter ("My dad got me a summer job at Thyssen which hired Karlheinz Schreiber to give the Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney, cash in envelopes to promote an arms factory in my riding, previously my dad's riding, and in fact, Brian Mulroney's riding, in Nova Scotia") Mackay? Is "flooding" Afghanistan with opium now part of Canada's "defence" policy?