Wednesday, June 17, 2009

AfNam. NATO's endless land war in Asia....

Part 1. Lyndon Johnson on AfNam

"If we get into this war I know what's going to happen. Those damn conservatives are going to sit in Congress and they're going to use this war as a way of opposing my Great society legislation. People like Stennis and Gross. They hate this stuff, they don't want to help the poor and the Negroes but they're afraid to be against it at a time like this when there's been all this prosperity. But the war, oh, they'll like the war. They'll take the war as their weapon. They'll be against my programs because of the war. I know what they'll say, they'll say there not against it, not against the poor but we have this job to do , beating the Communists [terrorists]. We beat the Communists [terrorists] first, then we can look around and maybe give something to the poor."

David Halberstam
The Best and the Brightest
20th Anniversary Edition
Ballantine Books New York, pg. 507