Saturday, July 11, 2009

Buck Turgidson* Does Calgary

*Sorry for previous tpyo. Sigh. I can be my own worst editor.

Reminiscent of the famous climactic scene in the classic movie Dr. Strangelove, Canadian General Walt Natynczyk (right) rides a torpedo at the Armed Forces display at the Stampede in Calgary on July 3, 2009. At left is U.S. General David Petraeus, commander of central command. Natynczyk is the Canadian chief of defense staff.
Photograph by: Grant Black, Calgary Herald

Afghanistan allies meet in Calgary

Generals "compare notes" on war in Afghanistan

By Stephane Massinon, Calgary Herald July 4, 2009

And now we hear that that Good Ole Boy of the Military Industrial Complex, General Dynamics, has landed a multibillion dollar contract for new armour, the armour sounding very much like the stuff Thyssen was going to build at Bear Head but didn't, adjacent to the riding of Elmer MacKay, subsequently the riding of Prime Minister Brian Mulroney who took cash in envelopes for a "watching brief" for Thyssen, the watching and the money apparently now stopped, and the new armour, announced by the son of Elmer MacKay, Peter MacKay, who also represents the same riding in Nova Scotia, who worked for Thyssen once upon a time, will cost $5 billion that we don't have, and will produce nothing of consequence for the future of Canada, never mind Afghanistan where we now have very expensive tanks that aren't doing anything.

There should be a revolution, people. This government, Stephen Harper's grotesque acting out of his turgid little world, a world without science, art, industry, innovation, law, or parliamentary democracy, but with lots of punishment, secrecy, and brute force, is a disgrace.

This government does not need to be defeated; it needs to be demolished.