Thursday, September 24, 2009

Honesty as an exit strategy

NATO Briefing Paper on Afghanistan

Top Secret

1.We fucked up.
2.Current NATO policy on Afghanistan was established by a delusional American government.
3.None of the NATO allies, including Canada, had the balls to say the emperor had no clothes, or brains.
4.Afghanistan cannot be stabilized, occupied – call it what you will – without a foreign army of at least 500,000.
5.“Training” Afghan security forces is a joke.
6.There is no possible way of raising a NATO occupation force of 500,000.
7.Even if there was such a force in the field, it would destabilize much of central Asia, NATO, and possibly China.
8.It's time to turn out the lights and go home.
9.Afghanistan does not have to be “abandoned”. Spending some of the useless billions now being expended on military hardware would fund the UN mine clearing program forever.
10.We could buy the opium crop. It would be cheaper.