Friday, November 26, 2010

Patriotism and Afghanistan

"...leaving one commanding general of the 4th to wonder out loud and in my hearing whether we were or weren't all Americans in this thing together. I said I thought we were. For sure we were."

Michael Herr, Dispatches, Random House of Canada, 2009, page 42

There has been a lot of discussion of WikiLeaks, and whether it is criminally responsible for...well, anything.

What stands out a mile is that WikiLeaks is the messenger. The leaks about the Afghan and Iraq wars can only have come from Americans - very unhappy Americans - who believe their own country has committed crimes. These very courageous people are the same as those who spoke up during the Nazi tyranny, usually with little effect, apart from their own executions. The Nuremberg Trials determined that some people who should have spoken up didn't, and were hanged as a result.

This isn't about WikiLeaks. It's about tyranny.