Saturday, June 18, 2011


The Face of War, Salvador Dali

It is an almost overpowering effort to be just, informed, sane and strong when you are worried about a roof over your head, money for food, for the children's shoes, for coal, for a little fun, worried and harassed by the daily unending problem of living. But it is an effort that must be made, for lasting peace is not going to come of itself, nor cheaply, nor due to someone else.


Eighteen nations are signatory to the charter under which this tribunal functioned. Eighteen nations are bound by the precedent this tribunal has set. Eighteen nations have agreed that the rights of man are inviolable and that aggressive war is a crime against mankind. The crime, together with all evils flowing from it, is punishable by law. The men who labored so steadfastly and so honorably to set this precedent have committed a great act of hope. The hope is that this body of law will serve as a barrier against the collective wickedness, greed and folly of any nation. In these dark times it is only a hope. But without hope we cannot live. And in a time of doubt and suspicion, there is hope in the fact that men of four nations could work patiently together to brand evil and reaffirm the power and goodness of honest law.

Martha Gellhorn
The Face of War