Monday, November 14, 2011

Let's buy the F-35 simulators...

The corruption of the International Atomic Energy Agency
and the public relations campaign to attack Iran.

So, assuming the F-35 madness is going to continue, given that the F-22 isn't operational, one solution is for Canada to buy the simulator, which we can use to attack Iran's simulation of a nuclear warhead. There are powerful reasons for this approach:

1. the work will remain in Canada at CAE;
2. this will be much cheaper than buying the actual aircraft;
3. there is no prospect of the F-35 entering operational service;
4. if the F-35 entered operational service, nobody knows what it would do;
5. by the time the putative F-35 enters service, it could be flown from the simulator;
6. and anyway we could simulate an attack on Iran which would be very informative because...
7. somebody might ask what China would do in the event of a crazed attack on Qom. Also, Russia.

Bring back elBaradei!