Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Obama short a spine and two balls

Stupidity as Foreign Policy

You know, there's no substitute for stupidity, ignorance, and delusion, particularly when directing foreign policy of the world's only hyperpower, on whom the sun rapidly sets, owing to stupidity, ignorance, and delusion. It's hard to believe that Americans in positions of authority - Obama, for instance - make stupid, ignorant, delusional decisions based on stupidity, ignorance, and delusion. And yet, it is so.

There is precedent. The Vietnam disaster, the consequences of which still go on, is one example, yet nobody except the writers of history seem to acknowledge the horrendous human carnage that was the direct result of some guys in Washington playing to the crowds in Peioria. Walt Rostow, were he still alive, would be living in comfortable, if shameful, circumstances in Texas, on the basis of his relentless pimping for some American dream that involved the deaths of thousands, OK millions, of Asians. The Bundy Brothers, accomplices of the Eastern Establishment, paid no price for their criminal enterprise in Vietnam, criminal being the Phoenix program and everything that led up to it. I don't count Henry Kissinger - a Goering-like figure - who of course would be contemptuous of Nuremberg war crimes trials - were he to be tried - and probably would try to talk his way out of it unlike Goering who at least had the decency to kill himself.

We are speaking here of grandiose delusions on the scale of Caesar.