Thursday, December 13, 2012

Peter Mackay for NATO Secretary General

Pete has run his course as Canada's Minister of National Defence.  He was a stalwart - telling outrageous lies with a straight face.  There's no price too high for this sort of chutzpah.

Now, the F35 boondoggle is going to get him, there's no avoiding it. The time has come to promote him - like Zaccardelli - to a ceremonial post in Europe.  There was loose talk about this when The Fog (Anders Fogh Rasmussen) was appointed, but even Rasmussen doesn't have the smooth bare-faced lying talents of Mackay, and now Pete's time has come.

There will be awkward questions about stupidity.  In fact, stupidity is a treasured talent at NATO, difficult as that idea might seem to those of us who know less.  If you're stupid, you can stand up and tell lies in a sincere way, like Colin Powell.  Or Adlai Stevenson.