Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Outrage in the Beltway Brothel

Storyville Madams 1907

In the steamy atmosphere of political Washington where everyone apparently scratches everyone else's [organ of choice], there is general outrage that some no-nothing 29 year-old geek (otherwise Ed Snowden, the Daniel Ellsberg of his age according to Ellsberg, but what would he know?) has torpedoed the the American National Security State and taken down Beltway conventional wisdom-mongers at the same time.

Suddenly, the towering bosses of the NSA look like idiots, the "regime media" look like corrupt and craven courtiers (because that's what they are), various public relations companies masquerading as "think tanks" look like incestuous Sophists (because that's what they are), and Peter King  looks like a domestic enemy of the American Constitution (because that's what he is).

Even worse (or more wonderful, depending on your point of view) Obama looks like a hooker. Having sold out everything and everybody who got him elected in 2008, he's been caught in flagrante in a way impossible to spin, and he and his equally gormless Attorney-General look like amoral liars, because that's what they are. There's no dressing this up to look pretty. It's lipstick on a pig's ass.

I don't doubt that the last few years have been better with Obama than they would have been with McCain or *shudder* Sarah Palin, hockey mother from hell. On the other hand, psychotics might be better than personality disorders.  Psychotics are honest.

Anyway, no matter the views of military PR people at Bradley Manning's trial, this whole thing is an excellent spectator sport.