Monday, October 21, 2013

The Daily Mail - Identification Friend or Foe

Here is Mr Ward Price, of the Daily Mail, in 1932:
Ignorant and prejudiced people talk of Italian affairs as if that nation were subject to some tyranny which it would willingly throw off. With that rather morbid commiseration for fanatical minorities which is the rule with certain imperfectly informed sections of British public opinion, this country long shut its eyes to the magnificent work that the Fascist régime was doing. I have several times heard Mussolini himself express his gratitude to the Daily Mail as having been the first British newspaper to put his aims fairly before the world.
George Orwell
Who are the war criminals?
My country right or left, 1940-1943
David R. Godine, 2000, pg. 319

And then there's Lord Rothermere and "Hurrah for the Blackshirts"
Page 6

There are those who think a newspaper's perspective that is 80 years old is irrelevant. Sure. But a constant of The Daily Mail has been deference to authority.