Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hell in Bruges

Excerpt from The War Diary of ISAF's Media Operations Centre NATO Headquarters Blvd Leopold III 1110 Brussels, Belgium. Friday, November 1, 2013 9:30 AM.  Diverted on way in to work to super secret meeting in Bruges, nowhere in Brussels is safe. Chief showed considerable imagination convening at top of Belfort Tower. Who would know? Also, three hundred and sixty-six freaking steps to the top, a test of loyalty and resolution. 12:30 PM  Chief arrived at top, not looking at all well, clutching bottle of Delirium Tremens, half full, or empty.

His aide-de-camp carried a picnic basket of moules et frites, a welcome relief from the cold and wind, not to mention the bells.  The bells, the bells!

There were three of us, the Chief, Secretary to the Chief and me. The others presumably had died on the way up, or been driven mad by the bells and leapt to their deaths poetically in the market square below. OK I saw the movie. After more Delirium Tremens, we turned to the business at hand, the complete disintegration of NATO security. 1:00 PM. Unfortunately the bells, while providing total operational security, destroyed any chance of effective communication. Maybe it didn't matter. 1:30 Moules et frites, Delirium Tremens long gone. Bells quiet. Chief remarks that everybody in NATO is bugging everybody else.  Thing is, everything is going on as before. Even if everybody knows everybody else's secrets, it doesn't matter.  Advantage, Snowden. 1:45 PM. We descend 366 steps and retire to the Staminee de Garre.

We should do this more often.