Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Crimean War 2.0

The first Crimean War gave us Florence Nightingale and Trichophyton rubrum.  Who knows what NATO will give us now.

Detail of Franz Roubaud's panoramic painting The Siege of Sevastopol (1904)

[The Crimean War] "was not the result of a calculated plan, nor even of hasty last-minute decisions made under stress. It was the consequence of more than two years of fatal blundering in slow-motion by inept statesmen who had months to reflect upon the actions they took. It arose from Napoleon's search for prestige; Nicholas’s quest for control over the Straits; his naïve miscalculation of the probable reactions of the European powers; the failure of those powers to make their positions clear; and the pressure of public opinion in Britain and Constantinople at crucial moments."[11]
 Clough, Shepard B., ed. (1964). A History of the Western World. p. 917.
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Ukraine: there's no way out unless the west understands its past mistakes
Western leaders mostly paint the whole dispute as totally one-sided:  it is all Russia's fault. But the Crimea crisis is directly related to the misguided steps taken after the Soviet Union's fall

Malcolm Fraser
The Guardian, 3 March 2014