Wednesday, October 15, 2014

NATO, Inc. - Syraq FAQ

1. What is NATO's role in Iraq and Syria?

We're trying to figure it out.  Many of us are involved of course, but it is far from clear who's in charge.  Maybe nobody.  It's starting to feel like Libya without any Security Council resolution.

2.  What about Resolution 2178?

Well, the good news is that it was passed unanimously.  The bad news is that's about all you can say.  There was a lot of ranting about terrorism without any Chapter VII clause permitting any military action whatever.

3.  What would be the best possible outcome for NATO?

The best would be some proper military organization controlled from NATO HQ and then a lot of bombing.

4.  What will bombing accomplish?

Pretty much what bombing North Vietnam did. The population gets very pissed off for a very long time and those doing the bombing have to leave.  The human and cultural disintegration takes generations to heal.

5.  Isn't that a disaster?

Are you on the side of the terrorists?

6.  Is everybody being bombed a terrorist?

Of course, or we wouldn't be bombing them.

7.  What about the crisis for western civilization in the Ukraine?