Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The failure of weapons

  1. It must be apparent that the invasion of Iraq has not transformed that country into a peaceful, prosperous, and constructive member of the family of nations.  Ten years of violent chaos have not been helpful.
  2. The bombing of Libya ditto.
  3. The bombing of whatever Syria is or ISIS is has not changed anything.
  4. Years of economic sanctions and hysterical warnings have not changed Iran in any significant way.
  5. The bombing of Yemen seems illegal, immoral, and incomprehensible.  It likewise, has made no significant changes in Yemen except, possibly, a descent into madness.
  6. A chronic state of violent anarchy leads to a culture of violent fundamentalists.
On the other hand, talking to Iran - after years of shrieking and hysterical threats - has produced very positive results.

It seems probable that similar talks could be held between Israelis and Palestinians, provided somebody keeps the assholes out of the way.

It is also obvious, however, that huge fortunes have been squandered on the world's arms industry, to benefit a very few, who apparently have every incentive to keep this evil and insane merry-go-round spinning forever.