Monday, January 28, 2008

Strategic Taliban Intelligence

Right. So I'm a Taliban commander in Afghanistan. I've just had an engagement with the Canadian Armed Forces, and I'm missing a few guys. So, I don't really know what happened to them, but I'm a little worried that the information they have might compromise my future operations.

My first thought is to read the online edition of the Globe and Mail.

My second thought is to ask around to see if anyone knows who has been taken prisoner by the Aghan National Army or the Afghan National Police.

My third thought is to see who knows if anyone has been taken prisoner. I know that a Taliban commander from Helmand bought his way of prison in Kabul for $US15,000, or really that some other guy showed up with $15,000 and bought him out. It is absolutely crucial that I have no idea what the Canadians are up to. In fact, I don't speak English. In fact, they don't speak Pashtun. Luckily, the Afghan government doesn't speak English.

Loose talk costs lives.