Thursday, January 10, 2008

Update from the Commish

The lovely Vivian tells me my file is now with the "Acting Director of Investigations", otherwise "senior management" in the Office of the Information Commissioner. So it's moving, but days, weeks, months go by.

Meanwhile the Globe reports:

The extent to which top Canadian Forces brass looked to restrict public information about operations in Afghanistan is made clear in a June 20 e-mail to National Defence's director of Access to Information, Julie Jansen, sent by Brigadier-General Peter Atkinson.
“Any ATI request for information related to DETAINEES, or Battle Damage Assessments (any report, SOP, SIR, sitrep related to IEDs, Vehicle Damage, casualties, protection, armour enhancements) is to be severed in its entirety less the address group at the top of the correspondence,” Brig.-Gen. Atkinson wrote.
“The rationale for doing so, is that this information if allowed to go into the public domain can be used by our enemies ie the Taliban, to further target and make assessments on their effectiveness against our own troops … it is based on these issues that the information identified above cannot be released as it puts our troops at greater risk.”

Right. Meanwhile, the BBC reports that a Taliban commander was bought out of prison in Kabul by some guy who showed up with $US15,000, and this commander and is now back in Helmand giving interviews. Does Atkinson really think the Taliban (or whoever we're taking prisoner) won't be able to find out exactly who was taken prisoner and where they're being held? and how....exactly..... would any of that knowledge help in attacking Canadian troops?