Saturday, December 13, 2008

One Day in the Life of the United Nations Military Staff Committee

Office of the Rotating President
0800 Got in to work. Locked out of office again. Office turns out to have been moved again.
0810 Called locksmith to get at files.
1136 Locksmith arrives. Surveys problem and will return after lunch.
1425 Gain entry to office after breaking down door. In-tray empty. Phone disconnected.
1440 Call UN switchboard on cell phone to find new office. Got answering machine.
1500 Go for coffee while awaiting return phone call.
1700 Go to bar while awaiting return phone call.
1931 Fall into interesting collegial discussion with locksmith.
2217 Give in-tray to locksmith with careful instructions to drop in East River.
2317 Go home to watch The Daily Show.