Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The turkeys come home to roost....

Carmen DePape
Clerk of the Committee
Special Committee on Canada's Mission in Afghanistan (AFGH)

Dear Carmen,

I attach copies in French and English of a complaint made to the RCMP and received by them Oct 28, 2009. The Department of Justice also received a copy. The complaint follows on from an application for judicial review in the Federal Court (T-680-08) in the course of which I was made aware of a document "Campaign Against Terrorism Detainee Transfer Log" which, I was told in court, was not available after April 2006, but had been kept meticulously by Canadian Forces since 2002.

Apart from drawing the committee's attention to the existence of this document, and its subsequent unexplained disappearance, the existing record is significant in that it shows that Canadian Forces notified the International Committee of the Red Cross of all its prisoners, as required by the Third Geneva Convention, which in turn makes that Convention the legal standard by which all aspects of prisoner transfers should be judged.

I further draw the committee's attention to the document available at Amir Attaran's website, within which multiple versions of the transfer log exist, showing it to have been cumulative.

The supporting documents for my own complaint can be found at:

Yours sincerely,

Neil Kitson