Sunday, November 29, 2009

United Nations Cash-for-clunkers Program

Afghanistan Compact 2006

Having trouble with your 2006 Afghanistan Compact? Is it always in the shop? Are you always spending money on it? Do you know someone who has been seriously injured using it, or even killed?

If so, the United Nations will be rolling out its new updated Afghanistan Compact in January 2010!

Afghanistan Compact 2010

Check out these these exciting features:

All new time lines for establishing the Afghan National Army, the Afghan National Police, and a functioning justice system!

New and innovative ideas for eliminating the thriving opium business!

Fabulous opportunities to purchase little used tanks from withdrawing ISAF members, at unbelievable discounts!

Plus, you are guaranteed to have the same reliable management as the 2006 Compact, one that you know has been elected again and again!