Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Most Difficult Job in the World

Being a soldier. Athlete, international lawyer, cop, warrior. How much do we owe them?

A lot. Like paying judges, doctors, and airline pilots, you don’t want their judgment clouded by worrying where their next meal is coming from or, equally, trying to get rich. It’s a calling.

So if we ran the job description of a Canadian military person past the CUPE, what would it look like?

The successful candidate will display extreme fitness, durability under stress, an understanding of international law, a comprehension of world history, expertise in armed and unarmed combat, and a humane disposition.

So what would that cost, at market rates?

With that job description, the guys on Wall Street and Bay Street are nowhere. We can’t pay people enough to do this job. Here’s my take on a minimum “compensation package”.

1. Base salary of some arbitrarily significant number, say, $100,000.00 per annum

2. Bonuses for service in hazardous theatres, as a percentage of base salary, like, 100% of base salary.

3. Absolutely first class medical and other health care for members and their families, including emotional and psychiatric care, without limit, in perpetuity.

That's what we owe them.