Friday, June 4, 2010

Big Oil, Big Science, Bullshit

You know, if the Obama administration was really committed to science, they would have been all over the Gulf Oil Spill from April 20. They would have had every last US Navy and NOAA Oceanographic Service vessel out in the Gulf making measurements and broadcasting them in real time along with live reports from the British Petroleum "Incident Room", as would be the case for, say, Apollo 13.

Instead, we have this yawning silence. Thad Allen, American Coast Guard Admiral and "point man" for the administration, seems to be a PR flak for British Petroleum, whose CEO, Tony Hayward, is a Tony Blair-like pathological liar of credulous sensibility.

We also have NIUST, perhaps an independent assessor of Gulf damage, that has gone strangely silent after May 15, 2010. And we have the head of the NOAA, who is unable to provide any sort of assessment of the amount or location of oil in the Gulf after 6 weeks of uncontrolled blowout. Furthermore, we have Stephen Chu, Obama's Secretary of Energy, Nobel Laureate in Physics, who has disappeared without trace in Texas.

"Houston, we have a problem."

blair-like figure