Friday, June 11, 2010

"A billion barrels of oil in the well, a billion barrels of oil*..."

"...and if one of those barrels should happen to spill,
nine hundred and ninety nine million, nine hundred and ninety nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine barrels of oils in the well...." etc.
- traditional Cajun shrimping song

"The ultimate number will come when BP captures all the flow, as it's been instructed to do, according to Marcia McNutt, who heads the US Geological Survey as well as the flow-rate technical group.

"With that number in hand, "we'll go back to all of these groups, take a look at what their estimates were," she says, and see what adjustments need to be made in using these techniques.

"We will learn so much more about measuring oil in the ocean that we will be able to do a much better job next time measuring the release of oil," she says."

Next time?!

Who is this person and who is paying her off? For that matter, who silenced the National Institute for Undersea Science and Technology oil spill updates that are almost a month old? And where is the United States Navy? You know, for an organization that was hanging around in the Sea of Okhotsk twenty years ago laying bugs on Soviet undersea cables, you'd thing they could have four submarnines camped on the floor of the Macondo blowout, taking high resolution video, sonar, whatever, for use by the American government in the public interest, but in fact the US Navy seems to be nowhere near the Gulf of Mexico, unless at Guantanamo, and as it turns out, the US Coast Guard is a branch of Homesland Security, not the Navy. Is the Coast Guard one of the five sides of the Pentagon? If so, has there been a change in ownership?

*billion = American unit defined as 1,000 million