Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Afghan Wines

Obviously, from this data, there is no economic reason to produce opium rather than grapes. By curious coincidence, there is a worldwide interest in fine wines, particularly from parts of the world (e.g., northern Alberta) previously underappreciated except as a source of toxic deposits. In this light, Afghanistan comes into its own, as a source of relatively inexpensive grapes and little known wineries.

Kandahar Tastebud Blaster
This tart Cab is slightly acidic on the tongue, and then even more acidic on the remainder of the body. It has a robust yet jarring finish that makes further tasting unnecessary.

Kabul Krud
A sparkling wine in the méthode champenoise tradition, available only at the Hotel Serena from a 45 gallon drum behind sandbags in the reception area.

Jalalabad Jumpstart
A cheeky rosé made from disused military tires and unexploded cluster munitions.