Monday, August 30, 2010

When marketing becomes roadkill

Julia Gillard and Botox

I'm not saying she's a user. I'm just saying there's a particular "mask-like facies" that defies human comprehension, and is absent from Tony Abbott who appears, on the evidence, to be an idiot: "Stop The Boats!" OK, Tony, what are you going to do, torpedo them? There's the old "joke" about winning the Vietnam War: first you put the friendlies in boats and tow them out to sea, then you nuke the country, then you sink the boats.

Nevertheless, Australian parliamentary democracy is the scion of British parliamentary democracy, and even if both are in deep serious, like Canadian parliamentary democracy, the inherent genius of the system continues to make itself felt and is indestructible.

People moan and groan, but should have faith in evolution.