Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Men Who Would Be King-Makers

Casting Call

Canada's Department of National Defence will be auditioning for roles in a Canada-Afghan co-production, "The Men Who Would Be King-Makers". Based on an authentic fairy tale from Brussels, the story is of Good versus Evil set in the stunning Afghan countryside, and shows the daring quest of a small band of white Christian infidels to erect a façade of peace, order, and good government within a sea of Muslims and warring tribal factions that speak - unbeknownst to the Christians - different languages. The story has everything: greed, power, heavy weapons, stupidity, and lust. No, there's no lust, forget we said that.

We will be seeking thousands of Afghan males aged 19-25 who can act woodenly and are willing to pretend to take orders from white guys. Ability to speak English (or French) is a disadvantage.