Thursday, July 14, 2011

The wild colonial boy... Britain what it deserves.

There's a lot of tearing of teeth and gnashing of beards going on in Britain over how it could have come to pass that Rupert's empire metastasized from Adelaide into the beating heart of the Mother of Parliaments. It's a no-brainer. They invited him.

Without going into tedious detail, the United Kingdom was an enabler of the bastard invasion of Iraq in 2003, based on complete fabrications of the psychopath Tony Blair, and still not owned up to by the British civil service, or politicians of the day - particularly the Labour Party in the persons of Jack Straw and Gordon Brown who were present at the deception - and yet the populace is getting all bent out of shape about phone bugging, lying, and the occasional axe murder. Meh...

There was, if memory serves, precisely one resignation from the Foreign Office prior to the invasion, and I believe her name was Elizabeth Wilmshurst. I'll check on that. Robin Cook made the corresponding prinicpled resignation from Cabinet, and it seemed to kill him.

Something is rotten in the state of Westminster and it didn't come from outside. Add up the human cost of the Iraq disaster, and get back to us.