Sunday, February 10, 2013

New Asian Horde, same as the Old Asian Horde

“Would you rather fight them here or in Pasadena?”
Maybe we could beat them in Pasadena.
Michael Herr

Now, after multiple Crusades, Monstrous Threat of the Ottoman Empire, Containment of the Yellow Peril, propping up of dominoes in Vietnam, and GWOT, now we have the Canadian Crusade!  The enemy is in our midst!  Any mild mannered computer scientist or accountant of the Muslim faith might at any moment veer off inexplicably into Extremist Jihadist Islamist Terrorist (EJIT) conspiracies that threaten the integrity of western democracies that have taken them in in good faith, confident that they would adhere to our democratic tradition and yet it is not so.

Therefore, we must be constantly vigilant!  Report any suspicious activity (as they announce in British railway stations) to the authorities!  There is no telling where this noxious weed will spring up next, and if we are to continue to enjoy the "luxury" of parliamentary democracy (as Jim Judd would have it) we have to realize that the safeguards of British parliamentary democracy are no longer adequate (Winston Churchill was wrong), and we must countenance suspension of habeas corpus, the use of secret trials, and collaboration with unsavoury secret services (like the CIA) for the greater good.

That the most damaging breach of intelligence in Canada was conducted by a white guy for money doesn't matter.  The fact that the breach hasn't made any difference to anything also doesn't matter. That's not the point!  The point is we can't trust These People who are brown and possibly Muslim (although they might be Sikhs but it's the same thing), and who don't share our values or what used to be our values.

It is perhaps time to speak out and suggest the rounding up of all brown people, settling them into internment camps, and auctioning off their property.  Only by these drastic means can acts of terrorism be avoided!  Except of course for Wiebo Ludwig who wasn't brown, but he was crazy.  Guy Fawkes wasn't brown, come to think of it, or whoever killed Pierre Laporte.  Then there was Tim McVeigh. And now we have  Christopher Dorner:
“We will not tolerate this reign of terror,” said LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.
Yeah, well these are exceptions that prove the rule.