Friday, February 8, 2013

Wrong, wrong, wrong....

Critical mass building to abolish senate: Hébert 

The behaviour of senators recently has made people beyond the senate’s traditional opponents call for its abolition.
Critical mass building to abolish senate: Hébert
British Parliamentary Democracy does not exist in a vacuum:
"Thus we arrive, by our ancient constitutional methods at practical working arrangements which show that Parliamentary democracy can adapt itself to all situations and can go out in all weathers."

Prime Minister Winston Churchill
British House of Commons
8 September 1942

The Australian upper house is elected by proportional representation. It's as if Canadians have no idea what goes on in other jurisdictions, even if they're based on the most successful form of democracy in human hstory, evolved by the British, whatever else you might think of them. Evolution, yes; revolution, no.  The Italians invented cappuccino. There you go.