Monday, September 22, 2014

Putting them in their place

The Five Eyes Alliance against
 brown people with weird hats.

Australian Signals Directorate

Reveal Their Secrets – Protect Our Own

The Australian Signals Directorate, which has recently "rebranded" itself as something completely different, leads the Five Eyes with seriously creepy graphics and advertising slogans.

Who, for example, are "they"?  As opposed to "us"?

There is of course no end of "them".  John Baird, Canada's alleged Minister of Free Trade, Marketing, Resource Exploitation, Uncritical Israel Support and Foreign Affairs, has trouble keeping up with the most worstest threats to world peace:

Iran, Russia, Hamas, ISIS... all of these must be fought although we have trouble telling them all apart.  Except the Russians.  They're at least white guys, or most of them are, except for the Islamists in the Caucasus, who are brown, and therefore dangerous and incomprehensible.  The good news is they're being "suppressed" by the other Russians, the ones we know to be a hideous threat to world peace as shown by their resistance to NATO interference in the Ukraine.

The Five Eyes used to worry about the inscrutable Chinese, but they're now just as worried about the brown people in weird hats as the Five Eyes and parts of Russia are.

Fortunately, we won't be running out of "them" any time soon, and it's a growth industry.  There will never be an end to this war, never a victory, never the definition of "victory", and never the admission of responsibility for  policies that would have resulted in death by hanging at Nuremberg.

It's all good.