Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Creachure in Canada

I creach, you creach, we all creach for ICREACH.

Image pirated from 
Ryan Gallagher, The Intercept

The scary part of this picture is that it implies whoever is in the "Global IC Analytic Community" has free access to CSEC's databases. There might be a "future broker" as there is now an existing "broker" for GCHQ.  

But for now, is it open season on whatever information CSEC happens to have?  Is it subject to Canadian law regarding warrants to collect such information?  Does anybody in the Canadian government have the slightest idea what's wrong with this picture?  Does the Privacy Commissioner know about it?  Does anybody in the judiciary know about it?

Or is this the picture of an international consortium of military spooks - and they are all military agencies - who have decided they can hijack all five well established democracies and then use fear to suck the life out of 800 years work, starting with the Magna Carta?

Fuck that.