Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Separatist/Socialist/Tsarist Coalition on Afghanistan

Prince Mikhail stared sightlessly at his website. Things were beginning to go his way....and yet he was nagged by doubts. Doubts were abstract concepts at Harvard.

His private secretary knocked. "Your new political strategist is here, sir."

"Show him in."

Marvin clanked into the room ostentatiously and wheezed to a halt.

"You probably want to use my enormous brain," he said dolorously.

"Only that part of it that isn't depressed."

"That is still large beyond your wildest imaginings. What would you have me do?"

"I need a means to defeat the Prime Minister of Canada, the Right Honourable Stephen Vader."

There was a pause.

"Ask him to multiply 7 times 6."

The next day, Prince Mikhail rose in the House.

"Will the Prime Minister please tell us, what is the product of 7 multiplied by 6?"

The Prime Minister spoke with complete conviction: "42."

And so, Canada's Afghan involvement was ended. The scores of Canadians killed in Afghanistan were brought back to life, and the hundreds wounded in body and spirit were made whole. Over 10 billion Canadian dollars were returned to the Minister of Finance, and a number of obsolete tanks were sold back to The Netherlands. Canada spoke out against American prisons in Afghanistan, and opened the Department of National Defence "Campaign Against Terrorism Detainee Transfer Log" for public examination.

Pigs flew.