Monday, September 20, 2010


Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

"Two criminal investigations launched by military police into the actions of Canadian special forces soldiers in Afghanistan probed the alleged improper killing of Afghans, CBC News has learned.

"Military sources said that the first investigation, called Sand Trap 1, resulted in no charges being laid against any Canadian soldiers. But the second investigation, called Sand Trap 2, seems to suggest another nation may have been involved in the alleged improper killing being investigated."

Meanwhile, back at the Washington Post, American soldiers serving in Aghanistan are being investigated for truly Vietnam style atrocities.

It's not a stretch to imagine that, like these kids in the "Stryker Brigade", some Canadian soldiers in the "highly secretive" (what does that mean in a parliamentary democracy?) "Joint Task Force-2" took their orders from an unethical and possibly criminal American commander who had no time or interest in the Geneva Conventions. (What happened to Joint Task Force 1?)

However, just like the American in the Washington Post report, a Canadian soldier blew the whistle. It takes guts, just like Richard Colvin.

All of which leads to the question of NATO complicity in war crimes, and therefore the the complicity of the United Nations Security Council. That's the best reason I've heard for Canada's promiscuous solicitation of a seat on the Security Council: like the Americans, we want to cover our ass.