Friday, October 15, 2010


So I tried to find out what's going on in Afghanistan. I consulted UNSCR 1943 (2010) which was passed by a unanimous resolution following a 5 minute meeting (S/PV.6395) that authorized ISAF but not EOF. EOF was referred to obliquely, presumably to protect UNSC from prosecution by the ICC for war crimes at Bagram. Previously, a more comprehensive meeting (S/PV.6394) praised UNAMA for its "refocused" assistance during the recent Afghan parliamentary elections, the results of which are being assessed by the IEC and the ECC. The original mandate for ISAF was of course UNSCR 1386 (2001), subsequently extended by UNSCR 1510 (2003), whereas UNAMA was established by UNSCR 1401(2002).

I came to the following conclusions:

1. Russia wants ISAF to die in Afghanistan (see also, Retreat from Kabul).

2. China wants ISAF to stay in Afghanistan while it buys up the neighourhood.

3. Pakistan thinks ISAF is getting what it deserves.

4. A regional peace conference is inevitable.

5. ISAF is circling the drain.

6. OEF is a loose, airborne, and possibly nuclear cannon.