Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gunfight at the UN Corral

[OK, I thought I invented this title, but as usual, many people got there before me.]

...and the results for the third round of voting at the recent General Assembly elections for a non-permanent seat on the Security Council: Portugal 150 - Canada 32 (10 abstentions)

You know, this is still sinking in. First of all Canada "withdrew" after its poor showing in the second round of voting, but there still had to be voting so that Portugal got the required number of votes. Of note, 191 of 192 Member Nations voted in the second round.

What's remarkable about this is, even after Canada "withdrew":

1. 182 nations voted (out of 192, and in comparison with 191/192 in the second round);

2. the result was emphatic - Canada got about 17% of the General Assembly vote.

That isn't merely decisive - it's a "good old-fashioned ass kicking."