Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ducks Fucked

So, mere days after liability for previous duck deaths on "tailings ponds" in Alberta was assigned to Syncrude at about $3 million plus costs, a whole new set of ducks has landed in Alberta "tailings ponds", with a loss of some 1,000 duck lives.

I think I've got the answer to this: they're suicide ducks. They're terrorist ducks, jihadist ducks, ducks who have suffered massive inbreeding and are genetically crazed enough to attack our values like decent God-fearing oil mining. These ducks think public transit is a good idea, and will go to insane terrorist lengths to cripple Canada's infrastructure so that everybody has to take socialist buses.

You can't argue with these ducks. They're beyond reason. The only good duck is a dead duck.