Thursday, August 1, 2013

The @ggreenwald show. Reality TV doesn't get better than this.

Glenn Greenwald's Twitter account is the best political entertainment since Watergate.  Really, it's better. Only one main guy went down then (with a Presidential Pardon and full pension, like Scooter Libby) and there were no lasting consequences.  Reagan picked up where Nixon left off, and the mythology continued almost uninterrupted but for the unfortunate Carter Person.  He ran straight into the American Mythology Rocks and sank without trace.

This is better.  There is not one guy but thousands who look stupid, evil, and incompetent.  In place of Woodstein and Hersh, we have at least half a dozen people, most recently Manning and Snowden, trying to point out stupidity, evil, and incompetence. There's no avoiding it, it's not a matter of interpretation. Of course, the Americans leaving Vietnam ignominiously wasn't a matter of interpretation either, although people didn't stop trying, claiming that the American involvement had prevented Communism in, say, Malaysia, despite the fact that at the time of the American departure, the "North" Vietnamese were at the gates, were certifiably Communist (whatever that actually meant), and had no effect on neighbouring states except Cambodia that wasn't Communist either, but was where America might end up if the Tea Party gets into power.

Meanwhile the American "centralized state" is losing control of the mythology, and looking increasing stupid, evil, and incompetent.  It's wonderful.

Greenwald is an American constitutional lawyer who has actually been in a courtroom.  He is a passionate and coldly logical defender of the American Constitution.  He is incorruptible.

Please pass the remote and the popcorn.