Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The auto-radicalized extremist Islamist jihadist terrorists are coming! Or going. Whatever.

Part 1 of an educational series from the Government of Canada

Many citizens are concerned about the presence of Muslim hordes in Canada who might, without warning, become fanatical killers bent on destroying the fabric of decent, right-thinking, white society.

The Government of Canada understands these concerns, and provides the following guidance:

1.  There is absolutely nothing to worry about, as long as...

2.  ...the government has appropriate powers through its decent God-fearing Christian (and selected Jewish) agencies to...

3.  ...ignore the Charter, Magna Carta, and habeas corpus...

4.  ...and do what's needed as determined by The Strong Leader.  

Part 2:  When to phone the RCMP about Suspicious Activity