Friday, July 31, 2015

Weapons manufacturers vs. the rest of us

Hiroshima in retrospect

It has been obvious since 1945 that we have the technology to incinerate ourselves.

Despite this obvious fact, huge industries keep producing weapons that have no obvious use.  Uses have to be manufactured.

No human conflict since 1945 has been settled by force of arms, and we could argue about how "settled" the outcome of World War 2 was. Nevertheless, people keep trying to settle disputes with the force of arms.

It never works but it makes a few people rich.

Let's take the Middle East and North Africa, an obvious disaster area into which NATO, Russia and China have inserted themselves by providing the technology to blow things up.  That's what it is: technology to blow things up.  No matter how sophisticated the technology, at its heart it is the means to hit somebody over the head with an axe.  The logic, such as it is, is that if you have more axes than the other people, you win.

People argue that nuclear weapons forced Japan's surrender.  There's even doubt about that.  As with the Eastern Front for Germany, there's an argument that what forced Japan's hand was the possibility that Russia would turn its murderous intention on Japan, so better to surrender to the Americans.

The only winners are the people who make the axes.