Friday, May 14, 2010

Gordon O'Connor's conflict of interest...

In the negotiations leading up to the all-party compromise on the review of unredacted documents relevant to Canada's prisoners in Afghanistan, Conservative House Leader Jay Hill ("We're in Afghanistan so little girls can go to school...") was seconded by Gordon O'Connor.

In the nomination of of a new committee to review such documents, Gordon O'Connor, and Peter MacKay, should now be excluded by conflict of interest. Mr. O'Connor was Minister of National Defence during some of the most important periods in the transfers now under scrutiny, and he was succeeded by Mr. MacKay. Participation by either in the forthcoming review of documents would obviously put them in the impossible and illegal position of participating in Parliament's investigation of their own decisions.

I point out also that Mr. O'Connor is the subject of a formal complaint - mine - made to the RCMP War Crimes Section, October 28, 2009.