Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Global Vision Thing

So this...

...is being organized by these guys...

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...which would seem to have something to do with these guys...

...but this (which already happened)...

...was organized by these guys.

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Who are any of these guys? And how did Carleton University get dragged into the mess?

Order of Canada

Terrence Joseph Slater Clifford, C.M., M.Ed.

Full NameHonour ReceivedResidence
Terrence Joseph Slater Clifford, C.M., M.Ed.C.M.London, Ontario
Member of the Order of CanadaMay 8, 2003May 14, 2004
Terrence Clifford has dedicated himself to working with Canadian youth. Following a stellar career as a teacher and administrator, he entered politics, serving as a member of Parliament for several years. After leaving public life, he founded Global Vision International, a non-governmental organization that offers mentoring and educational opportunities. Regional training centres, located in universities across the country, have connected thousands of students with sponsor corporations and allowed many to participate in Team Canada trade missions to learn first-hand about globalization.

What to Know more about the Mission to China?

by Adam Dewar on 20th May 2010 View all blogs by Adam Dewar

Well the good news it is still going to China. The great news, it will also be stopping in Malaysia.

Here is the brief rundown, and yes Terry is the one who told me to prepare this little piece.

When: August 2nd -20th

August 2nd – Depart Canada for Beijing

August 9th – Teams Split Team A– Chongqing, Kunming

Team B: Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou

August 16th – Teams Re Unite - Malaysia – As in Kuala Lumpur – Home of the Petronas Towers.

August 20nd – Return to Canada Deliver reports to sponsors, and spread the word. Get ready to give back and help Global Vision. (As in for the next mission)

What is your task: The task is to get your community in preparation for the mission, find commercial; government, and association interests who will support your efforts. Show them what you can do for their business; represent their products, promote them, look for manufacturers, make contacts and connections. Get the mandates that matter!


· You have to have submitted an application for this current program cycle.

· You need to raise $5,500.00

· Your account with Global Vision needs to show a total balance of $5,500.00 either through sponsorship or personal deposit by July 5th, 2010

· Deposited monies are refunded upon successfully raising $5,500.00 (Usually Late September is when the cheques come back)

· Students who raise more than $5,500 earn extra points. (IE for other future opportunities with GV) – Amounts over 5,000 go to help Global Vision cover the other half of the cost of taking participants. Raising more makes you a team player. And you get to be in the President’s Club

Deposit Schedule

June 15th - Signed JTC Contract must be submitted by this date.: $1,000 is due

June 30th: Second $1,500 is due – Sponsorship monies raised AND SUBMITTED (We have to have the cheques) may be counted toward this instalment.

July 15th: Final $3000.00 is due – JTC account total Sponsorship (Which JTC has received) + Personal Deposits must be $5500.00.

Remember we are here for you, and will be able to help coach and mentor you. The first step in your search should be to sit down with parents, a JTC grad, and relatives to find out what your family/JTC network looks like. From there next steps include:

Be forewarned- rejection will happen but above all else Move On to the next!! Suck it up and charge ahead- fly with eagles do not let the turkeys keep you down!

1.) Meeting with your MP

2.) Meeting with your MLA

3.) City Councillor/Mayor

4.) Issuing a Press Release to the Local Papers

5.) Meeting with the President or Vice President of your University/ If you are in High School Talk to your Principal and your local School Board.

6.) Don’t Forget, Different Departments have different Budgets!

7.) Your Student Union, they usually have funds for activities just like this! (Often for 6 and 7 they’ll only pay you after the fact – but they are reliable advance the funds to Global Vision on the organizations behalf, and we will issue you a receipt so you can collect

8.) If someone says no to sponsorship you, say thank you and ask them if they could suggest other people for you to contact.

9.) Use your network to make lots of calls. Remember you should be making 25 calls a day.

10.) Set a goal to have 5 meetings a week.

11.) Get creative.

From experience: If you put in the time YOU WILL Raise the money.

Last note: Cold calling is an absolute attribute of the JTC brand. Everyone wants it but only the best have it and it lasts a lifetime!

So – Are you in?

If you are in send an email to adam@globalvision.ca cc: terry@globalvision.ca – Include your full name, phone number, address, and email – as well as a brief reason for wanting to go on the mission. We’ll check our records to make sure you submitted that application and then we will send you off the paperwork to sign and make a first deposit. It’s that simple.

I just want to make one more point. This offer expires soon. (As in likely toward the end of next week.