Friday, April 1, 2011

The Security Council Should Suck It Up

So the entire Libya mess should be dumped into the Security Council's lap, rather than left up to a Coalition of Crusaders. There was impressive unanimity for referring Ghadhafi to the International Criminal Court, and there are well described mechanisms in the UN Charter for the use of force as directed by the Security Council.

Somehow, Resolution 1973 has let the UNSC off the hook, appearing now as whining impotent critics of whatever is going on in Libya. Germany abstained from 1973, which is important, but if the Libyan government is going to slaughter its own citizens with Russian weapons, the Russians should be made to suffer appropriately while we watch this on CNN or AJE, and the Chinese should also suffer while dithering in their own twilight world of purulent investment in a totalitarian regime.