Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Dead Herring

Elmer, Brian, Bear Head, Airbus, Peter, cash, Steve..Karlheinz, Challenger, 471 hours, Oliphant Inquiry, sleaze....

"The Integrity of Government

"The genesis of this Inquiry is a relationship between a former prime minister of Canada, the Right Honourable Brian Mulroney, and Karlheinz Schreiber, a German-Canadian businessman. The relationship spanned two decades and included a secret agreement between the two men made approximately two months after Mr. Mulroney left the office of prime minister and was sitting as a member of parliament. For many years Mr. Mulroney concealed the fact that, on three separate occasions, in three different hotels in two countries, he had received thousands of dollars in cash, in envelopes, from Mr. Schreiber. There was no contemporary documentation, as is normally found in legitimate business dealings, for any of these transactions. No invoices or receipts were provided, no correspondence or reporting letters were written. I conclude that the covert manner in which Mr. Mulroney and Mr. Schreiber carried out their transactions was designed to conceal their business and financial dealings."

Executive Summary
Report of the Oliphant Commission
May 31, 2010

If you happen to have a sense of humour like George Orwell's ("The Two Minutes' Hate"), you will appreciate the fact that the Oliphant Commission Report is damn near impossible to find on the web, whereas the apparently official website, with soothing pastoral scene, is a dead herring, a document that says nothing, means nothing, and leads nowhere.