Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The mythical UNAMA torture report... public. October 10, 2011

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So in the Secretary-General's UNAMA report of September 21, 2011, the word "torture" is not mentioned.

On the other hand, a so-far not released UN report on torture in the Afghan prison system was vigorously denied two weeks previously, by the people one might expect to have been the perpetrators, who were nevertheless given air time to defend themselves on the UNAMA web site.

Today's Afghan headlines, 8 September 2011

Interior Ministry and National Directorate of Security rebuff UN’s report on the torture of prisoners; Prisoners are tortured in Government jails and detention centres run by foreign forces; Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission expresses concern over release of prisoners by President Karzai; MPs accuse IEC head of national treason; Insurgent group surrenders in Badghis; Taliban-designated district chief detained in Badakhshan; Food items distributed to needy families in Ghazni; 18 prisoners released from Zabul jail; Afghan officials reject UN torture allegations.


Tolo TV Headlines

In a joint press release, the Interior Ministry and the National Directorate of Security (NDS) rebuffed the UN’s report regarding the torture of prisoners by Afghan forces in the country and called it an incorrect report. Based on the UN’s report, some western media earlier accused Afghan security forces of torturing prisoners in the country.

Interior Minister, Bismillah Khan Mohammadi said that the Government emphasises that the security transition process is an irreversible process, but the suspension in transferring prisoners and prisons to Afghan forces under seriously harms the implementation of the process.

NDS Chief Ramatullah Nabil said that we have registered documents signed by them (UN officials) who have visited prisons in almost all provinces and said that we did not notice any prison’s law violation.

Meanwhile, NATO/ISAF Military Spokesperson General Carsten Jacobson said that NATO forces have suspended the transfer of prisoners to Afghan forces and NATO is awaiting the launch of the UN’s report in this regard.

None of this is a sign of guilt, but where is the fucking evidence? How is it that UNAMA shows the evidence to alleged perpetrators, but not to the rest of us who are paying their bloody salaries?