Sunday, September 4, 2011

NATO shoots self in foot

Every secret cloud has a funny lining.

New York Times, Sept. 3, 2011

The "Old World War 2 Allies" subsidiary of NATO has conducted a 6 month air war in support of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973, an almost completely opaque operation with regard to objectives and responsibility. Now as a result, evidence has turned up in Tripoli for collusion among the CIA, MI6, and Libya's Mukhabarat_el-Jamahiriya, for interrogation of prisoners in return for favours. Human Rights Watch has the evidence, which will presumably also be provided to the International Criminal Court, the Court's jurisdiction in Libya having been only recently recognized by the United States in UN Security Council Resolution 1970. Weirdly, by bombing Libya, NATO might have ensured publication of evidence for war crimes committed by its member states, evidence that otherwise might have been destroyed or kept secret from the public, like the evidence from Egypt apparently was, and might be still.

It could of course be a clever disinformation campaign by the very clever Gadaffi in order to discredit his persecutors, and like bin Laden, bring down the USSR and now possibly, NATO. Bin Laden wins in a walk. NATO might as well have given Wikileaks its own air force.