Monday, December 6, 2010

Bonfire of Insanity

Obama's cry for help....

Barack Obama, The Great Black Hope, has been standing up and saying crazy things, most recently in Afghanistan:

"This part of the world is the center of a global effort where we are going to disrupt and dismantle and defeat al Qaeda and its extremist allies. And that's why you're here. That's why your mission matters so much. That's why you must succeed -- because this effort is about the safety of our communities back home and the dignity of the Afghan people who don't want to live in tyranny."

This is nuts. And as Michael Scheuer pointed out, his recent Asian tour was also nuts.

So the question is, is Obama nuts, or is somebody "standing him up"?

Obama was the American gift to the world in a time of insanity: a guy who seemed rational, articulate, decent, and in fact everything that John McCain and Sarah Palin weren't; really, the opposite of white trailer trash in every conceivable way.

And now he's talking crazy talk. Instead of writing off Obama, I think we should pay attention. He's trying to tell us something.

It was a bit much to expect one guy to sort out the American catastrophe of the Bush era, together with whatever insanity was left over from Ronald Reagan's delusions. Now, the Forces of Darkness have required him to appear at Bagram, site of unequivocal American evil, to say that American sacrifices in Afghanistan are worth it, and in fact America will carry the day. This is so far from objective available evidence as to make Obama delusional. I see delusions in my business - "coke bugs" - and I'm starting to see similar delusions in Obama, unless in fact he's buying into the whole Afghanistan "mission" as a folie à deux.

Or, maybe he's trying to tell the world that there are forces at work that are bigger than he is. Maybe we should listen.