Wednesday, December 1, 2010

You don't get to 500 million enemies...

...without making a few friends.

Julian Assange speaks truth to power. Power hates it.

George Orwell said somewhere (I'm still trying to find it - help me, people) that in Power Politics there is only one rule, which is that there are no rules. For some years now, the rule of law, international law, has had lip service, while the world was run by people playing power politics, which is that there are no rules.

As it turns out however, the current rulers of the world have shot themselves in the foot by not playing true Power Politics, but playing with hidden rules, used for their own benefit.

Now, Julian Assange has played Power Politics by ignoring the hidden rules, and in fact by painting the hidden rules in very stark ways, using the real words and pictures of the hidden rules, so that the lip service - what a great turn of phrase - to the rule of law is shown to be what it really is.

Ironically, Julian Assange is playing real Power Politics by trashing the hidden rules, because he can. And in doing so - a complete outsider on a shoestring budget - he is, there is no better word, emasculating the world's power structure as it now exists. I think that's what makes everybody crazy and makes idiots like Tom Flanagan want to kill him: he's a person of No Consequence messing in the affairs of his betters.

It's fabulous.