Monday, December 20, 2010

Who, exactly, is BAE Systems?

...or weasels in the House of Lords.

What we need is a British Bradley Manning, somebody close to the Serious Fraud Office investigation of the Saudi arms deal that was called off (the investigation, not the deal) by Tony Blair after some Saudi prince ended up in his kitchen, having a key to the back door of No. 10, claiming that the continuing investigation would stop all further Saudi co-operation on terrorism, that co-operation now seemingly useless in the face of WikiLeaks evidence that in fact Saudi money is funding terrorism in the first place. There would seem to be no further need to inhibit the investigation.

It's cute, but can it type?

"Whether you love or hate that BAE is a world leader in defence, it is the biggest manufacturer in the UK and is a significant part of the British economy."

So apart from dubious armaments and even more dubious finance, and an absolutely hopeless air hub, what exactly does the British economy have to offer?